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Industrial Sectional Doors

The overhead sectional door (insulated panels) is a vital element for warehouse providing unmatched facility for passage and loading/ unloading bay operations. Together with hydraulic system, the sectional door grants a supreme and total lasting open-close reliability of the door, proved by thousands of installations.

sectional-door Pass or Personal Door/ Easy Pedestrian Way

An addition of a pedestrian door within a sectional door makes it very easy passage serving for staff/ employees/ workers, without unnecessary operation of a complete fixture every time unless an industrial object is required to be moved through it.

sectional-door Interlock System/ Centralized Operation

The convenience of sectional door is specially evidenced when it is a single console operation centralized with dock leveler. Together with this optional interlocking, the leveler operates only with door totally in open position, that avoids the operators to collide the bottom panel or other accident for insufficient opening of the door that happens with unloaded springs.

sectional-door Ideal solution for the Food & Beverage Industry

It puts free from the slavery of the periodical spring pulling and their greasing, combining to the clean aesthetic and also the absence of polluting components that makes it to be the ideal solution for the Food & Beverage industry.

industrial-sectional-doors industrial-sectional-doors

sectional-door Standard Characteristics

Its characteristics are standardized :

  • 40mm or 42mm thick panels
  • polyurethane insulation
  • one meter high for vertical installations or 610mm for the others
  • light RAL 9002 color for avoiding heat accumulation
  • view panel/ windows for outside operation control
  • Manual chain hoist for manual operation in case of power failure/ motor damage ect.

Lifting/ Installation Types :

  • Low lift
  • Standard lift
  • High lift
  • Vertical lift