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Dock Shelters

sliding-gate Retractable Dock Shelters

Dock Shelter is the consolidated element of the loading bay that ensures safe and secure material handing which is the concern of all industries, especially in the logistics area of food & beverage industry where the material is usually prone to dust, rainfall, insects. In order to facilitate sheltered material handling, loading docks are equipped with the dock shelters and dock seals.

  • Retractable Dock Shelter

This shelter is used in almost the totality of the cases, it is composed by an external frame tied with a pantograph to an internal frame (that is fixed onto the building wall), as to retract in case the vehicle backs out of axel, and returns to its original state when the vehicle drives forward. It is important that the roof of the dock shelter has an internal water channel for evacuating water from the roof along one side coat.

  • Cushion & Inflatable Dock Shelter

Being highly insulating, these two types of shelters are used to insulate the rear part of the van against the building, including the two portions that always remain open, between the two opened doors (hinged doors) and the sides of the VAN. A great thermal insulation is obtained by this type of shelter that is composed by three perimeter cushions. They are used only in the deep cold stores.


sliding-gate Ideal Solution for Safe & Clean Loading/ Unloading Materials

Dock shelters and Dock Seals are placed at the exterior of the doors’ opening & form a shelter between the loading bay and the lorry while the loading or unloading of the material is taking place. The vehicle reverses into the dock shelters which seals it off giving a perfect solution for weather and environment protection during the process of loading/ unloading.

sectional-door Standard Characteristics

  • Flaps made of 3mm thick PVC double waving soft armored for the best adherence to the vehicles’ roof and sides
  • Vertical side flaps of width 620mm
  • Horizontal top flap of height 1000mm
  • Flaps fitted firmly in a galvanized steel profile, with safety rounded edges and throat for the insertion of the curtain
  • TThe roof contains a water drain channel for discharge and collection of water at the bottom side

sectional-door Dock Shelter Types & Sizes

Dimensions Dock type, small Dock type, standard 700 depth Dock type, standard 1000 depth Premium dock type, reinforced for windy areas Ground type, standard 700 depth Ground type, standard 700 depth
Width (mm) 3300 3420 3420 3420 3420 3420
Height (mm) 3530 3530 3530 3530 4500 4500
Depth (mm) 700 700 1000 700 700 1000
Standard Characteristics