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Freezer Fast Doors

Fast cold doors have the ability of fast operations with special characteristics which meet refrigeration requirements. The opening/closing speed prevents temperature dispersion that is required for the products which have to be stored at very low temperature conditions.

sliding-gate Self Repairing Capability

In case of accident, the self-repairing capability of the door enables it to get back to its original position within the side tracks. Side tracks allow a perfect sliding along the zips, in case of accidental, zips are released and after having completed the opening cycle the surface repositions itself within the zips and carries on working normally. The rolling up of the fabric is monitored by special sensors.

sliding-gate Ideal solution for Blast Freezer rooms

With the insulation capabilities of this door, we can guarantee our customers a temperature stability at -25°C which is ideal for cold rooms, freezer rooms and refrigeration plants. Refrigeration plants will no longer be subject to damages due to unstable temperature.


sliding-gate Standard Characteristics

  • Surface manufactured in one whole piece and consists of a robust, anti-tear, double-layer, Class II PVC
  • The upper beam carrying the roller is in galvanized steel sheet specially shaped to contain warming resistances, which keep condensation and ice forming under control
  • Beam casing made by galvanized steel sheet properly shaped to protect the shaft
  • Side posts are made in sections by galvanized steel sheet to be assembled one upon the other
  • Applicable in freezer rooms upto -25°C

sliding-gate Optional Characteristics

  • Remote control
  • Photocell
  • LED flash light