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Mobile Hydraulic Ramps

Mobile hydraulic ramp is a cargo handling auxiliary equipment used with forklift. The truck bed is connected directly with interior of the bulk cargo container. The height of the ramp is adjustable with the help of hydraulic system and can be adjusted according to the height of container. It enables companies to reduce a lot of labor, improve efficiency to obtain greater economic benefits.

sectional-door Ideal Solution for loading and unloading goods at Remote places

A container/ truck does not necessarily have to come at docking station for loading/ unloading purpose, rather this mobile hydraulic ramp can be taken at the place of container where it is used as a loading/ unloading equipment making it extremely useful at remote places or locations where loading bay facility is not available.

sectional-door Standard Characteristics

Loading Dock Dimension W2150mm*L10.5m
Max. Lifting Height 50mm – 110mm
Min. Lowered Height 1060mm
Stroke 590mm
Max. Capacity 8,000kg
Lifting Temperatures -10°C, +40°C
Platform thickness 6mm – 7mm
Lip thickness 12mm – 13mm
Lip Stroke +350mm, -150mm