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PVC High Speed Doors

The high speed door is an essential component when it comes to production and processing arears in the industry, where time saving and operation continuity both are of equal importance. A special fabric door driven with a high torque gear motor provides an access that has a capacity to provide a day long constant operations within factories. This product has been specially designed with industrial applications and contexts in mind. The high speed door opens with a speed of 1.5m/s to 2.0m/s and closes with 1.0m/s to 1.5 m/s speed making it excessively useful for keeping the inside temperature intact.

sliding-gate Induction Loop System

A magnetic field loop detector for metallic objects and vehicles which is electrically interconnected with the door ensures that it opens automatically whenever a metal object passes over it, saving the operation time by allowing the operators to move in & out without stopping or waiting for a door to open and then move forward.

Thanks to the safety photocell located on the door's guide that reverses the maneuver when it detects an obstacle passing by. The lower part of the door has a safety band which, at the slightest touch, reverses the direction of the maneuver and reopens the door.

PVC High Speed Doors

sliding-gate Ideal solution for the Processing & Production Area

A fast and nonstop action with a maximum work in minimum time can only be executed by a fixture that provides very fast opening-closing service. A combination of light weight door with fast action motor makes it a best solution for processing & production area, allowing material handlers to move and perform their task without any pauses, keep operating constantly and saving a great deal of time.

sliding-gate Standard Characteristics

  • The polyester canvas is covered over a layer of dyed PVC, available in different RAL colors
  • Covers obtained from hot-dip galvanizing are made up of several layers of zinc-iron alloys, minimum thickness being 25 microns
  • The lacquered finish of 60 microns thickness is a protective covering made from plastic paint polymerized in an oven.

sliding-gate Optional/ Customized Characteristics

  • View Panel

    A microperforated, transparent and high visibility view panel can be provided to see through the incoming objects from either side.
  • Light and Alarm

    A flashing LED light or a light and sound indicator can be used while the door is in operating mode.
  • Frequency control unit

    A frequency converter system can be used for controlling the rotation speed of the AC motor by controlling the power frequency supplied to the motor. It is ideal for controlling the opening and descent speed of the door as per requirement.